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Administrative building, construction continues. Architect Nikita Yavein.
Panoramic lift 1 000 kg, 1 m/s, 8 stops. VCVF, laminated glass + Shaft, curved architectural glass

Museum and galleries of contemporary art Erarta, 2009. Architect Andreiy Galushko. Panoramic lift 1 275 kg, 1 m/s, 5 stops. VCVF + Shaft with spider point fixed glazing, triplex heat-strengthened glass.

Oktyabrskaya Hotel, 2005. Architect Nikolai Lim.
Panoramic lift 1 000 kg, 1.6 m/s, 6 stops. Bottom machine room + Shaft with single point fixed glazing, heat-strengthened screenprinted glass.

The Water Tower, Vodokanal, 2003. Architect Eugeniy Podgornov.
Panoramic lift 675 kg, 1.6 m/s, 8 stops. Gearless DC drive with frequency control.

Audi dealer center Petrogradskiy, 2009. Architects Martin Schmid, Dmitry Khmelev. Panoramic lift 630 kg, 0.6 m/s, 4 stops. Hydralic lift with central stock + Shaft, curved glass, stainless steel spiral curved staircase.